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Harvest Management
Operational development and management
Business planning
Greenfield startups
Compliance auditing
Project management
Field trials and analysis
HSE development and implementation
Cost analysis, budgetary requirements
People management
Risk analysis
Training requirements

About Us

At Tramroad, we are passionate about the forestry industry. With strong values and an absolute commitment to our clients, we ensure the forest management service that we provide is risk compliant, in specification and provides the highest monetary return to our client as possible.

The forest industry is an ever-changing environment. We align ourselves with industry partners to enhance the knowledge and skills of new innovations, health and safety improvements, quality, and environmental compliance for our clients.

Tramroad is a proactive participant in industry committees, industry documents and new workable innovations that ensure the forest management service provided to it’s clients meets an extremely high standard of compliance.

We have specialist contractors that have many years experience in range areas and locations. A full engineering team supports our harvesting team which provides the safest and most cost effective solution to each of our clients’ individual needs.

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My neighbour put me onto Tramroad and I am happy to recommend Tramroad to anyone.  They did a good job, were professional at all times and it was stress-free.  Give Tramroad a call and get a quote.

Walter van Rossum

Dairy farmer, Edgecumbe

We called in Tramroad, they gave us an estimate on the spot and stuck to what they said they would do.  They were really good – they’ve done a great job.

Gary Rowlands

Dairy farmer, Awakeri